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  Speed, Maneuverability,
  and a Long, Long Reach!
  Limitless Creative Possibilities...

The Technocrane is one of the most exciting recent developments in shot solutions for feature film, television, and commercials. The telescopic crane was designed and built to offer limitless possibilities that were either too technically demanding or too costly to contemplate in the past.

  The Right Tool For The Job...

The crane's range of motion gives Director of Photography's the ability to reach the most inaccessible corner, to maneuver in the tighest of spaces and to move noiselessly in and out of a shot at a moment's notice. The Technocrane also improves shot productivity by virtue of its versatility.

  Complete Control...

The Technocrane offers the solutions to existing shooting challenges and the possibility to shape your production in a unique way. Our Technocranes come with either a 15, 20, 30 or 50-foot arm to handle various production requirements.

The basic package comes with a 2 axis head (pan and tilt). We also provide a 2 axis stablized head and a 3 axis head with (dutch) roll capability.

The control desk provides the Director of Photography (head operator) complete control with either hand wheels (pan and tilt) or a fluid dampened joystick and pre-set speeds on each individual axis.



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